Full Name
Laura Constantini
Job Title
Founding Partner
Astella Invest
Speaker Bio
Laura studied business at Getulio Vargas University and chose the path of finance that eventually led to her career in equity research at Banco Santander in Brazil and NY and Banco Garantia, primarily in the TMT industry.
During that time, she met Edson Rigonatti, who was her source of information on technology.
After a complete research cycle with public equities, Laura decided to shift her career to leverage her analytical capability and build the skills driven by a practical approach to deal-making and origination of opportunities. In 2005 moved to Cicerone Capital to work alongside Edson in M&A.
From their successful partnership, Astella was born in 2008.
Since then, Laura became a pioneer among women investing in Venture Capital in Latin America, discovering her true vocation by combining a solid background in finances with a human vision, which seeks to understand the value of diversity and differences of each entrepreneur.
Laura looks for founders with a great vision capable of disrupting or bringing efficiency to an entire value chain. She looks for opportunities to deliver our society and economy new alternatives that generate value and solve our main existential problems, from feeding more people to providing a better quality of life.
Currently, she is the board member on investments like Jota, Sled, Cayena, and Croct.
In 2021 she became a Kauffman Fellow.
Laura Constantini