Full Name
Hector Cateriano
Job Title
Managing Partner & CEO
MAS Equity Partners
Speaker Bio
More than 21 years of experience in private equity in emerging markets (India, Baltic States, and Latin America), along with private equity firm SEAF. One of the early promoters of the Colombian private equity industry and former President of Colcapital, the Colombian Private Equity Association.
Since 2006, he led the investment efforts of the first diversified private equity fund in Colombia, Fondo Transandino Colombia (FTC), where he successfully completed the full cycle of the fund, achieving top USD tier returns for its investors.
Also, founding partner and CEO of MAS Equity Partners, a PE firm specialized in growth capital for the mid-cap segment in Andean countries, which has raised more than USD 200MM in AUM.
As part of his responsibilities, he has been a member of the board and diverse committees of most of the funds‘ portfolio companies. Previously he served as Director for SEAF’s India Growth Fund and SEAF’s India International Growth Fund. He also served as Director for Estonia of SEAF’s Baltic Small Equity Fund (BSEF).
Hector Cateriano