Full Name
Maria Pia Iannariello
Job Title
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
MGM Innova Capital
Speaker Bio
Maria Pia Iannariello is Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MGM Innova Capital since 2010 and Director of Operations of the MGM Sustainable Energy Fund (MSEF) and the MGM Sustainable Energy Fund II (MSEF II).
Before joining MGM Innova Capital, Ms. Iannariello was President and Chief Operating Officer of MGM International Group, a leading developer of climate change mitigation projects, where she was responsible for implementing the company’s strategy and managing global operations. Prior to that, Ms. Iannariello worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, holding a number of positions of responsibility at the Operations Department, the Office of the Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti and the Office of Evaluation and Oversight. She was a Senior Project Manager at the World Wildlife Fund-Macroeconomics Program Office and a Research Analyst at Standard & Poor’s DRI.
Ms. Iannariello holds a Ph.D. in International Finance from The George Washington University and a B.S. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Texas.
Maria Pia Iannariello